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GOLD Diamond Icewine VIDAL, Chateau Changyu, 375ml

GOLD Diamond Icewine VIDAL, Chateau Changyu, 375ml

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The Changyu “Golden Icewine Valley” is situated in the far North Eastern region of China, in the Liaoning Province close to the borders of North Korea and Russia. The area around the Huanlong Lake is recognized by international experts as “Golden Icewine Valley” because it is one of the rarest places in the world which have the ideal environment to grow ice wine grapes. With an altitude of 380 meters, the lakefront of Huanlong has developed a unique climate: It is cold but not dry.


The harvest of the Vidal grapes starts at the winter solstice when the berries are firmly frozen and are reducing the water level and increasing the residual sugar. The grapes are picked at a temperature of -8° C to increase the intensity of the flavors. Once harvested the berries are pressed, producing the different levels of this style of desert wine: “Blue Diamond” and “Gold Diamond” are two styles of Changyu’s ice wine.

Tasting notes

The wine shows the typical characteristics of great “sticky wines”, first appearing in the look with a rich golden color and oily texture. The nose of the “Gold Diamond” is full of fragrance and intense flavors of honey, leeches and pear. On the palate, this wine is full with the richness of residual sugar, the balanced smoothness in the mouth, ends in a long finish.

Food affinities

Great with the classic combination creme brule or other sweet deserts with a creamy style and exotic fruit. Another fine pairing would be creamy style cheese, blue cheese in particular. Or why not on his own as a aperitif, well chilled? The wine is a desert wine complimenting anything served with ice-cream.